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 Yu Runde

Yu Run De

The dean of the Institute of Fine Arts of China and the West, Chairman of the Education Committee of the Renaissance Research Institute at Renmin University of China, Professor at Renmin University of China, Guest Professor at the School of Law at Renmin University of China, and Guest Professor at the Academy of Arts at Xiamen University. He serves as an advisor and executive director for the China Social Art Association under the Ministry of Culture, and as the president of the Qingmei Art Creation Research Association. Formerly, he was a mentor for the Master Class of Noted Artists at the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University and a member of the Art Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture. For many years, he has led high-end art education at the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University. He is a pioneering contemporary artist and high-end art education expert with a wide-reaching and positive social reputation and influence.

His unique personal style and rich artistic language evoke strong emotional and intellectual resonance. His rich life experiences, persistent rational thinking, and the intrinsic spirit and expressive forms of his works provide a profound reflection on contemporary society and represent a philosophical contemplation of life. His approach avoids the mundane and penetrates deeply into the heart.

Just as perceiving and expressing human life and emotions through art is a credo for artists, Yu Runde consistently practices his serene and pure inner belief, showcasing an exceptional blend of literary grace and cultivated demeanor.

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