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Yu Art Gallery

The Line* Gallery

The 21st century masters of contemporary art


22 Mar, 2022 —  10 May, 2022
2015.11.22  –  2015.12.06


Invisible flames of the spirit illuminate the dark tunnels of consciousness, shining and enlightening on the retreating horizon of virtue.The exhibition’s theme keywords can be summarized as: contemporary roles, women, following the large solo exhibition ‘The Temptation of Estrangement,’ body, gaze, feminine aesthetics, etc.

Today Art Museum   Academy of Chinese-Westem Painting

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions
20 Nov, 2021 —  5 Jan, 2022
2015.01.17 —  2015.10.23


Organized by: Academy of Art & Design Tsinghua University, China Guardian Culture China Millennium Momument

Curator:Li zhao


Yu Runde presents the world in his eye to China’s contemporary art circle with his unique style and language. He immerses himself in his own practice, exploring how shape and color relate to each other, devoting himself to integrate the beauty of objects with his sensibility into his artworks. He directs the audience to feel life as a journey which is far-reaching and exciting. Painting is a lifelong exploration and Yu is enjoying the joy and freedom that art brings to him.

Hu Yanyan

YU ART Gallery

The art that originates from deep inside the artist is inevitably multi-faceted.It is a good thing to see that China’s contemporary art prospers and radiates in great charm in an age of the full development of individuality and a revisit of the nature of art.


The Story Behind Line Gallery

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