About Me

Yu Run De

Humanity, society and life should not only be the focus of modern art, but also be the themes of the works of every modern artist.
In my case, an artist should stick to his ideal and his art by highlighting his own features. He should try to find a proper way to express his own feelings and thoughts in his works with diverse features and art experience. By focusing on the spirits of his works, regardless alienation and temptation, he can gradually form an aesthetic faculty with multiple dimensions.
In terms of the aesthetics and characters, a painting should reflect the Chinese humanity. By using familiar strangeness, a viewer is isolated from the work and the world, thus forming a kind of artistic alienation-a common state of the modern society between human beings and the world. In modern society, paintings should combine traditional culture with modern aesthetic feelings, and bear a deeper humanistic and spiritual meaning.in contemporary world, full of uncertainties, we are struggling in the complex relations between living conditions and culture, modern life and tradition, knowledge and body experience. An artist should combine his art with modern culture ideas by bold experiments and explorations, thus bringing his works and modern thoughts to the world.

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